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Opportunity Is Here

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support Alabama State University, its students, its ideals, its missions, and its alumni.

Our support is evidenced by our philanthropic support of Alabama State University Foundation for Educational Excellence, providing financial assistance scholarship and other resources to current students, serving as a networking vehicle for local alumni, recruiting prospective students, and actively promoting the ideals of our beloved Alma Mater.


We support students of at Alabama State University with the financial and tangible resources they need to succeed as students.  If you would like to make a donation to assist in these efforts, please click here.

You can join our association as a graduate or supporter of the association or university.  Click the link above to get more information about joining.  Our chapter meets every 2nd Sunday at 4:00pm.

We are alumni and supporters of Alabama State University committed to ensuring the preservation of ASU, and supporting students of ASU with resources that will help them succeed as students and future Alumni.

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