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Thank you for your interest in the Alabama State University Los Angeles Alumni Association’s scholarship program. Our Chapter is a non-profit with a mission committed to ensuring the preservation of ASU, and supporting students of ASU with resources that will help them succeed as students and future Alumni. 

Alabama State University was founded in 1867, in Marion, Ala., as a school for African-Americans. The school started as the Lincoln Normal School with $500 raised by nine freed slaves now known as the Marion Nine, making ASU one of the nation’s oldest institutions of higher education founded for black Americans.


Today, Alabama State University, located in Montgomery, Ala., is a widely respected, world-class institution of higher learning which welcomes students of all races. We offer nearly 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, from our historic teacher education program to our new, high-demand programs in health sciences, new Ph.D. in microbiology  and minor in international business.

We continuously focus our scholarship awards on recipients from California communities. All applications can be found at 

Thank you and good luck!

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